Real Price Accountancy

Icon Guide

Icon Guide

We have used a series of colour coded and clearly labelled icons to make it easier for our users to identify the products relevant to their requirements.

We have categorised all of our products by the following three components:

  • Product Type - The type of product you require, i.e. Annual Accounts, Tax Return, Payroll.
  • Business Entity - The type of busness you are, i.e. Sole Trader (Individual), Partnerhips or Limited Company
  • Accounting Method - The way in which you record your accounting information, i.e. You keep paper records OR you use software such as Sage, Xero etc.

One of the key differences between traditional accountant's methods and Real Price is with us, not only do you get to choose which services, such as Annual Accounts, bookkeeping etc., you decide which parts of the work you do yourself, and what is included in the service.

For example see the below icon components for the product 'Sole Trader Annual Accounts for Sage Users'

1. Product Type

Annual Accounts

2. Entity Type

Sole Trader Annual Accounts

3. Accounting Method

Sole Trader Annual Accounts for sage users

Product Types

Our product type is defined by the background aspect of the icon.

Annual Accounts

Tax Return





Professional Advice

Business Entity

Our Business Entity is defined by the Border colour of the icon


Accounting Method

Our Accounting method is defined by the colour coded label at the bottom of the icon.